Sisterhood Nepal is a Non- Profit Organization. Sisterhood Nepal helps to the people and families who are financially poor and losing their life due to the lack of money during the medical or surgical treatment. As well as, Sisterhood Nepal helps to the people with food and clothing who are not able to work for proper food and clothes in their daily life. Sisterhood Nepal also fights for the justice of the different victims amd their families who are sufferring from different types of abuse.

We are grateful to all our well-wishers who have been supporting us to help the needy people. Please do co-ordinate with Sisterhood Nepal to help the needy people. Your help will be very much valuable for the people in need.

Bank information
Bainityo Nepal
Global IME Bank
Branch Office, Anamnagar, KTM
Account No: 3901010000598 Note:

Make sure that you handover your donations to Sisterhood Nepal and its authorized representative only. Please do write us e-mail so that we can acknowledge receipt of your donation. Thank you.