About Us

Bahinityo Nepal popularly known as Sisterhood Nepal, is a non-profit government organisation (NGO) working for the backward women, victims of domestic violence and the orphan children in the society. Its prominent focus has always been centered on providing the skills and training for the women and making them independent so that they can serve for overall development. In 2018, a group of young and energetic ladies formed this organisation for overall development of the society through active involvement of  women. This social organisation actively works for the enhancement of the status of nepali women as well as orphan children in the society. This organisation serves as the voice for those thousand of voiceless women and people in the nook and corner of the country.

Birth of Bahinityo Nepal:
Bahinityo denotes the feeling of sisterhood. We all women are connected with same feelings. None of the women in country are isolated. Although we have different blood group, different religion, different caste, different culture, different language; we all share the common feeling of sisterhood. It was a crusade to find the voice of those backward women, those orphans who wanted a hand of help, gave rise to this organization in February 2018.

It was started by handful of conscious, energetic ladies who share common motive of helping needed ones and combating overall problems related to women and orphan children.

A society with equal involvement of female in  overall development activities of country.


  • To prevent any form of women violence and enhance their status in the society.
  • To work for the betterment of the orphans and homeless people.


  1. Advocate, conduct awareness campaigns and seek for public support for the enhancement of status of Nepali women.
  2. Counseling and skill development trainings to the socially and economically backward people especially women.
  3. Working for the development of the orphan childrens.
  4. Provide awareness and health related facilities and knowledge to the women as well as girls in the nation.
  5. Programs related to health and environmental development.
  6. Support for the natural disasters’ victims or any war victims for their livelihood.
Brishtee Aryal Co-Founder and President
Rekha Khatri Founder & Treasurer Social Activist