Our Mission & Vision

A society with equal involvement of female in overall development activities of country.
To prevent any form of women violence and enhance their status in the society.
To work for the betterment of the orphans and homeless people.

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Recent Projects & Programs

Fed kheer,tarkari,achar to few blind families on the occassion of Shrawan 15

30th July, 2020 On the occassion of Shrawan 15(खिर खाने दिन), our Sisterhood Nepal Jhapa

Fed Launch on the Occasion of Shauney Sakranti

18th July, 2020 On the occassion of Shauney Sakranti(साउने संक्रान्ति), our Butwal Team went to

About Us

Welcome to Sisterhood Nepal

Bahinityo Nepal popularly known as Sisterhood Nepal, is a non-profit government organisation (NGO) working for the backward women, victims of domestic violence and the orphan children in the society. Its prominent focus has always been centered on providing the skills and training for the women and making them independent so that they can serve for overall development. In 2018, a group of young and energetic ladies formed this organisation for

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